5 Must Have Items for Any Proper Businessman

Do you consider yourself a businessman? In today’s world, there are essentially items that no businessman should live without. Of course, everyone man is different and has his own needs. However, below you will find a well-rounded list of this year’s hot accessories for any real and serious businessman.

It’s Al About the Accessories

So, you call yourself a businessman, but do you have the tools to backup the title? Sure, there are plenty of men who believe they don’t necessarily need any items to conduct a successful and proper business. However, the following items could prove to come in handy from time to time:


  • Whether you have an actual organizer or just use the calendar on your phone, organization is a skill that every businessman needs to have. Actually, you should have a separate organizer to keep you business life separate from your personal life. However, if you can keep track of your entire agenda on your mobile device, then more power to you. The key to remember is to write (or type) everything down, so you can keep track of all important meetings, business dinners, and appointments.

The Right Clothes

  • Believe it or not, your suit will say a lot about you as a businessman. If your suit is wrinkled or too big or small, do you really think anyone will take you seriously? Not only do you need to act professional, but you need to look professional, as well. Of course, this means having a suit that is clean and that fits. Actually, you should consider in investing in more than just one suit. When choosing a color, remember that dark is best: black, navy blue, and/or charcoal. You may think this is dreary, but you want to look powerful. Always remember that there’s no room for sloppiness.


  • Your cell phone can undoubtedly accomplish a lot, but it can’t hold all of your paperwork and files. If you consider yourself to be a real businessman, then you’ll need to get a professional briefcase. When choosing a material, choose leather, as it looks sharper. Again, you’ll want to choose a dark color for your briefcase, probably black. You will be even more appealing if your briefcase matches your suit. The great thing about a briefcase is that you can use it to house any and all items, such as: paperwork, client files, pens, your laptop, and even personal items (i.e. deodorant, a safety razor, cologne, and more). Always opt for a briefcase.

Business Cards

  • Any serious businessman will need professional business card to hand out. Your cards should state your name, professional, and contact information. Remember to never leave home or the office without your business cards, as you never know you just might run into. Having a business card on you at all times will show others that you’re serious and always ready to work.

Carry-on Bag

  • If you’re a businessman, then you probably travel often. If this is true, then it’s important to have nice luggage. Though this is kind of like having a nice briefcase, you’ll want a nice suitcase or carry-on bag for the business trips. Again, do you think anyone will take you seriously if you show up with an old suitcase or bag that has rips and tears in it?

Being a businessman can be tricky, that’s why you may need some tools or accessories to help you get the job done. Though there are literally hundreds of tools you feel you may need to be successful, if you have confidence and the skills to complete the task, you should be just fine. However, if you feel as if you may need a little help, then consider the above list.

Marianne Ross is a blogger and freelance writer on various topics mainly related to travel, business and investment advice. Keep an eye out for more of her informative articles!

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