Beyond Digital-Do Promotional Products For Small Businesses Really Matter?

It is possible you have incorporated all the promotional methods you can such as social media and PPC but have forgotten promotional products in your effort to attract more consumers. Those who have never thought of going for promotional products or gifts to make use of in marketing mixes can do so to be able to look at their respective industries through a fresh approach. This gives a whole new dimension to their advertising since branded gifts come with a lot of benefits. Lots of them can aid in enhancing and supporting the marketing activities already in place.

Brand Awareness/Image

To continue building a positive brand image, branded goods play a big role. They make the brand recognizable since people recognize and know logos and brand messages as a result of being exposed to them. As brands continue to be seen a lot, the more consumers learn to trust and rely on it making it very reputable. After establishing branding, promotional products as gifts will aid in solidifying corporate identity and potential and existing customers will indeed remember it.


Promotional products come with a lot of versatility in terms of usage due to the huge varieties of products provided. Products can be tailored and selected to the recipient intended, which in turn ensures they are remembered and retained in the mind. From loyalty schemes to branding campaigns including corporate incentives, promotional products can be selected and used for any reason.

Better Return On Investment

Surveys done indicate promotional products are providing a better return on investment compared to outdoor promotions and even radio related adverts. Investments in these gifts cost cents to produce and can help to accomplish certain promotional goals. A recipient of the promotional gifts has a perception about them and since a gift will always remain so, sentiments that follow will help in boosting the image of the brand.

Marketing Aid

Promotional products are highly used as support aids for other methods of marketing and are very important in enhancing response rates. For instance, those who are doing marketing campaigns through direct mail can include branded gifts to improve the response to these mails by around 50 percent. In turn, return on investment is improved, even if the giveaways are factored in.

Employee Inspiration

Branded products being handed to consumers come with lots of benefits but this also inspires the workforce. Reward schemes for employees have been found to raise a positive outlook while increasing productivity. In fact, to the worker, a branded gift will be taken as a token of physical appreciation by the company.

Tangible, Unforgettable Publicity

Promotional items are tangible and physical before the eyes of the consumer, their greatest advantage over other promotional methods that aim at consumer emotions. Any promotional gift attracts immediate response and attention especially if the way it is presented has been well considered. Compared to desensitizing media and banner promotions, the recipient of the real physical gift will definitely notice it. The gift might have a very short shelf life or be kept for years but it would have already been handled, recognized and accepted, contributing to recall of the product and brand.

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