Careers That Allow You to See the World

Careers that allow you to see the worldFor some of us, staying in one place for too long just doesn’t work out. If the need to see the world and experience the excitement of a new place is constantly tugging at your soul, then you may be one of us.

Being a jet setter is expensive, though, and it can be difficult to get the time off to satisfy ones ever-present wanderlust. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this “problem” of needing to travel the world. Combine your love of travel and your paycheck with one of these satisfying careers that will allow you to see the world:

Flight Attendant

If you have a knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease, then a flight attendant position might be the one for you. If you’re multilingual then more options for travel in this field will be made available, enabling you to move up in your career and up into the clouds.

Roadie or Tour Manager

These days, as record sales dwindle, musicians tour more than ever to make money. That means more opportunities for roadies. Bands travel all over the world, going from city to city; country to country.

Roadies and tour managers are essential for making sure everything runs smoothly. The bigger the band, the larger the road crew will be. Light and sound engineers, drivers, and instrument technicians are just a few of the options available for the inspiring roadie.

Tour Guide

If you love people, are enthusiastic, and have a passion for learning and teaching about areas all over the world, then being a tour guide could be the perfect job for you.

In addition to knowing the history and culture of any city that attracts tourists, it can also help to know another language. A big part of the tour guide job is making your group feel comfortable in every new place you take them and being able to communicate is essential.

International Aid Worker

You can see the world and make a huge, positive impact on it working with the Peace Corps or USAID. These organizations work hard by helping to improve the health, economy, and education of people in developing countries all over the globe.


It may not sound glamorous, but the truth is every business needs auditors and often send them all over the globe to examine the finances of various business assets. Auditors often spend many days in one place, giving them time to see some of the area they’re visiting.

Field Service Engineer

If you have some technical training, or are willing to get it, then a job as a field service engineer can give you the freedom to travel while working with your hands. Many companies, and even the government, employ such technicians to travel to various locations to make repairs on all sorts of equipment from train engines to cell phone towers.

Cruise Ship Employee

A cruise ship is almost like its own city, containing employees of just about every trade. Waiters, DJs, dance instructors, doctors, and stylists are just a few of the employees needed for a successful cruise. While the hours working on a cruise ship will be long, you’ll get to travel the world with free room and board stopping at beautiful and exotic destinations along the way. You also get days off.

Travel Writer or Photographer

If you love to write and take pictures, then why not combine it with your love of traveling? While being successful travel writer or photographer can be a difficult filed to make it in, it’s never been easier to start. Create a blog and go, putting yourself out there for paid jobs along the way. The great thing about the Internet and working freelance is that you can do it from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Spanish translator

Spanish is one of the most common languages spoken around the world. Though it is relatively simple to learn, jobs as a translator are in demand and can send you to different cities and countries. If the business world strikes your fancy, you can get an online MBA in Spanish and help business people to communicate with one another.

For any career that allows you to see the world, remember that learning another language is a skill that will help to advance your career and open up your travel options.


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