Help Desk Tips 2013

The main asset for any business are its customers and when they face any problem using our products or business we must help me to fix their problems as soon as possible else we will lose them  one day and eventually a day will make our business down and dead. If you do not have time to help customers use can use a company who can service your customers and make them happy this will make your business a great and a successful one. Some tips are Below

Hire the right people for handling customers

You need to look for people who can work patiently who are empathetic, articulate and humble. Good manners are to be used while talking to customers who are in problem  and  they may be frustrated too. Even if the person has excellent technical skills the main must of any business is good communication skills which will make you reach good heights in business.

Provide Training and Feedback

Provide a proper training to your employees when they are employed in your place. Give them the scenario and train them well so that the real time can be easy for them to implement and follow. After a training give them appropriate feedback so that they can rectify their mistakes and never repeat it again. Use real time training also like using a recorded call to train them which will make them in a real situation. Also record their calls and play it back to give them a good experience about their  calls or response. You can also use Zoho Help Desk if you are looking for a good support.

Use ticketing systems and also a feedback form for customers

Provide a proper ticketing system  to customers so that you can also manage all the tickets easily by customers. You can also rate the ticket according to priority so that  the highest priority can be solved first and then the others can be done slowly. A feed back form has to be given to customers so that they can rate your service and give valuable suggestions which also improves your service and become expert on day.

Article written by Avinash kasper who blogs on Techno blog



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