Law Firm Marketing: With and Without a Budget

There is a growing trend among large companies to hire smaller legal firms to handle their needs. For one, companies need firms capable of handling cases in a timely fashion, but larger firms may have issues of availability and efficiency. There is room for a smaller law firm to disrupt the legal landscape with smart marketing. If you’re looking to vault into the higher level marketplace, you can make the leap with or without a high budget.

With a Budget

For those with a significant budget to spend on marketing, there are a variety of avenues to pursue:

·  PPC campaigns can catapult you to page one on Google. Even results as deep as page three can produce results if you maintain a high quality score for your campaign.

·  Hitting the phones after purchasing a list is always a viable strategy. Just make sure you’re buying leads that have expressed an interest in your product within the past 30 days.

·  Create a video about your product and advertise it on YouTube.

·  Drop press releases about your product, your company or your executives.

· LexisNexis lawyer marketing can help you improve your localization and search presence. Such a company focuses on driving high quality leads to their customers using a variety of marketing channels.

You can try one or all of these strategies. Anything is viable with an open budget.

Budget Free

Looking for free marketing isn’t exactly scraping bottom of the barrel, but you should expect your efforts to take longer or require more effort. It might help to have an intern, junior or a new hire handle some or all of this process. Marketing is a full-time job in and of itself, but any of these channels can help create some buzz about your firm.

Social Media Presence

Part of building a presence for yourself on social media involves learning what your optimal networks are and when your optimal times to post are. If you are targeting females with children, your best bet is Pinterest. If you want to target business professionals, try posting to LinkedIn. The trouble is that if you don’t post at the proper time, you’re bound to miss the chance to impress your audience. 9 AM is a great time to post most content to Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is lunch hour for the east coast and those on the West Coast are just settling in. 3 PM is another great time to post as most people have either just gotten home or have hit a point in their days where they need breaks.

You can also play the numbers game to your advantage and start reaching out to individual bloggers that you follow. Put your social media handles on business cards and hand them out at conventions. Even one great review or guest post could land you a lot of publicity and time in the public eye.

Social Bookmarking

Reddit, one of the most popular social bookmarking websites, is the perfect place for a genuine effort of outreach on the part of your firm. Reddit users sometimes ask questions that a lawyer could advise on. Joining that site and answering those questions will help boost your reputation as an expert and could lead you to business. If people ask for your website, distribute the info in private and let that secrecy fuel your reputation. Stay impartial and resist the urge to write a billboard about yourself.

Don’t be afraid to post your blog to these sites as well. Your well-research articles may become someone else’s morning reading.

An Attractive Website

Never underestimate the power of an attractive website. Not just one with pretty colors or well-written text, but a website that conforms to the user with navigation that is easy to understand. Research terms like ‘breadcrumbs’ and review what a landing page should look like. Practice a bit of SEO, or outsource the job to someone, and use that extra traffic to build more leads for your firm.


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