Top Myths to Evade about Translation Business or Service

Over 6000 languages, tough competition, and the quest to reach the increasing population effectively have encouraged the businesses to hire translation service. Believe it or not; translation has influenced almost every social and commercial aspect virtually. However, despite its positive influence, there are many beliefs regarding translations, which make one end up in confusion or repentance. In reality, these beliefs are only myths. Here are some common myths for you to discard forever!

A Native Speaker is Perfect for Translation


It is obvious for anyone to think and believe that a native speaker is a reliable translator who can do the translation work precisely. This is perhaps the reason why most customers demand a native speaker for their translation task. However, in reality, a native speaker is not always a good writer or translator. This is because translation needs exact knowledge about the precise terminologies in the source and target language. This is something not all native speakers will possess!  Therefore, at the time of hiring translating service, remember that not all native speakers are ideal translators although good translators are native speakers of the targeted language.

Anybody Who Knows the Source and Target Languages Can Translate Well


If a person speaks English or writes English, it does not mean that she or he is a professional speaker or writer. Similarly, if a person writes or speaks two languages, it does not prove her or his good translation skills. In fact, many people who have failed in the translation exams despite being fluent in two different languages. Just knowing the read, write, and speak two different languages does not indicate the ability to transfer the meaning from one language to another precisely.


Therefore, there are special training programs and degrees available for gaining translating or interpreting expertise. Although not mandatory, there are also recognized certifications in this industry, which endorse the translating ability.

Translation Services Bestow Low Profits


Most people believe that translation service offers very low margins. However, this is not true! It is true that translation is a highly labor-intensive process despite all computerization strategies and it is bound to be a manual affair. However, high-quality translations catering to the requirements when delivered on time are bound to bring up more business geared with top margins.

Only Language Fans Demand Translation Services


It is a common belief that only literature or traveling people need translation services. However, this is a myth. Due to globalization and localization, the need for translation is felt across the public, private, and mixed sectors. Regardless of the industry, executives have started to recognize the need of translation for creating a way to generate more business relations as well as profits by stepping into new markets. According to the latest research, Fortune 500 companies keep 1.5 times more budget than their peers for increasing the revenue. Even the government agencies have started taking the advantage of translation services to improve political relations, influence local people through speech, and spread awareness on human rights.

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