Why You Need to Check Out New Premises in Person

Any company that needs to relocate will find that there are a number of hurdles to jump before you find the perfect spot in which to grow your business. There are plenty of things about your existing premises that you need to take into account when planning to move as evidenced in this article. Even if you don’t have to worry about your existing it can seem impossible to find a spot which ticks all the boxes, but careful planning and a willingness to compromise on the smaller issues will help you in your search.

Plan to expand
If you are looking for new office space, the chances are that your company has expanded and you need to find space for more stock, more staff, more equipment or any combination of the three. If this is the case and it is unlikely that you have reached the peak of your business’s growth, then you need to consider whether you want premises which will be able to accommodate further growth in the future.

For some businesses this might mean just having a little extra space which can be filled when the need arises, but for some it might mean finding a new office in a building which could offer a whole other floor should the need arise, or a business park where another unit might be the best way to expand should it be necessary.

Consider your surroundings
As with any property decision, it always pays to visit the local area at different times of the day and night to ascertain its suitability. Somewhere that appears quiet and conducive to a good working environment by day could have a noisy nightclub which shatters the peace at night, so if you are hoping to have a call centre on the site, it might not be suitable. Parking, traffic, noise and neighbours are all worth considering as they could impact on your business even if they don’t seem important at first viewing.

You might need to move to new premises because you need  to keep more stock on site, but if you are looking to move to accommodate more staff then you need to consider how they will get there. Having public transport links could benefit your workforce, particularly if you are in a town centre where parking could be expensive.

You should check whether it would be practical to commute from other local areas, so if you are looking for office space somewhere like Maidenhead or Bracknell then you should research the transport options for potential employees. If you are hoping to relocate your business to an area such as Bracknell, then you may attract commuters from London but if they can’t get there easily then it could limit your appeal, so click here for more information on office space to rent in Bracknell.

Be prepared
It is much easier to find the perfect office if you aren’t against the clock. Waiting until your current lease is up or until you have staff sitting on each other’s laps will limit your options, so plan ahead and make sure you allow plenty of time to find the perfect spot.

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